When the HK universities expanded their undergraduate curriculum from three to four years in 2o12 onward, many new questions arose about what university students should learn and how teaching can be most effective. Dr. Shive of the HKAC has offered simulations for use in academic courses and training settings. The HKAC has offered simulations to its member universities at the course, faculty, or whole campus level. These have included the annual G-20 Summits, Ninrich Trade Asia Negotiation Simulation, the Six-Party Talks on the North Korean nuclear program, and formulating a common code of conduct for the South China Sea. The HKAC also uses Open Space to organize conversations among many parties about complex problems.

Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation – Hong Kong

The HKAC and the Hinrich Foundation have developed a simulation on trade negotiation among Asian Pacific countries.  Students from across the HK universities form country teams that negotiate with one another over issues of tariffs, common standards, subsidies, environmental and labor protections, and the like.  Stephen Olson of the Hinrich Foundation, a seasoned trade negotiator and author, is the lead trainer for the Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation-Hong Kong. We know trade is growing in importance. Careers are to be made for those who know about trade. Join us in the amazing venue of the Asia Society in Admiralty.


[1] Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulation (2017-2019)