In mid-November, over 20,000 people from throughout the world will gather in Santiago, Chile for the 25th “Conference of Parties” on climate change. Meeting in the Deloitte offices in Pacific Place in Admiralty, HK university students will simulate this global event by forming teams of students representing the major countries debating the issues of global climate governance. Can we act together- deeply and fast enough- to reduce temperature rise in our atmosphere to less than 2% increase over pre-industrial levels? How can we build resilience in our cities for the climate disruptions already upon us? How do we help nations that are most vulnerable to sea rises and other consequences of global warming?

We will begin with a video-conference with HK representatives at the COP 25. They will report to us live from the floor of the COP 25 meeting about the issues under debate and the ambience of this massive inter-governmental meeting. After this, our delegates in HK will meet in country teams and in advocacy groups representing corporations, energy firms, and civil society organizations (NGOs). What should be our targets as nations for reducing carbon emissions in the coming decade? How can we stimulate collective action by governments, businesses, and NGOs to stave off pending massive disasters by climate? We welcome green activists to join with their friends and colleagues across the universities in HK to stimulate the UN’s COP 25 meeting and watch global climate governance in action.

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