After COP21: Student Energy Forum

After the success of COP 21 in Paris, it’s time to translate commitments into actions.  Aligned with the bottom-up approach of COP 21, what are COP21’s implications for Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong America Center, in partnership with the Division of Environment at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, organize this 2-day student energy forum.

This student energy forum invites experts in many areas to share experience and reviews the current energy development in Hong Kong in order to suggest energy-related policies to the Hong Kong Government to contribute to COP21 outcome.

The first part is scheduled from 9am to 4pm of the first day and structured as a symposium featuring speakers on both the energy sector development in selected global locations and the local energy scene.  Topics cover a range of issues such as COP 21 review, China’s renewable and energy policy, Germany’s experience in renewable energy and Hong Kong’s energy challenges.

The second part would take up the balance of the the 2-day forum.  Participating students would be divided into 6 working teams, apply what they have learned from the symposium, critically engage in desktop and literature research, and draft a suggested policy plan in the theme they are assigned.  Overall, the draft proposal should be well-informed, creative, relevant and designed to contribute to energy or climate change related policy development in Hong Kong.


This event open to participation by all university students, free of charge.

The general public are welcomed to attend the symposium on April 9, 9am – 4pm.