The HKAC designs and finds support for a wide variety of academic exchange projects and services each year. Here are some highlights from the programs we organized with our member universities in 2009-2010.


HK Climate Change Simulation of the UN Treaty Negotiation in Copenhagen, 2009

About 80 students from all eight HK universities participated in a unique educational event in fall 2009 linked to the negotiation process that culminated in the UN Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen in December. HK Baptist University was our host for three weekend meetings in the Council Chamber.
Each HK university team represented a country delegation, which included representatives from government, business and environmental NGO groups. Students used parliamentary procedure to negotiate terms for a treaty in November, and participated in a live interactive “webinar” hosted by the
Copenhagen Business School on December 19, the day after the real treaty conference concluded. Several other universities in Asia and Europe participated in the HK-Copenhagen webinar. HK students got a realistic glimpse into the complex dynamics of international treaty negotiation. The HK students appeared to accomplish more in their simulation than the real delegates
did in the Copenhagen conference.


Model Legco Debate on Constitution Reform, 2010

Responding to the public consultation on constitutional reform, about 60 HK university students gathered at HKBU in early February to negotiate and vote on recommendations to the HK government for constitutional development. As part of the process, each student role-played a Legco member to debate from the position of their respective Legco members. The NDI joined with the HKAC and HKBU Professor Michael DeGolyer, our master of simulation, to organize this program. This was responsible civic engagement by HK university students at a high level!

Fulbright China Research Forum, 2010

Each year the HKAC organizes a conference in HK of about 100 American Fulbright students and scholars who are doing research in greater China, including Taiwan and HK. These Fulbright fellows are America’s future “China hands.” The host in 2009 was CUHK; in 2010 the Forum will move to HKBU. The Forum also goes to Macau each year where we are guests of the University of Macau and the Cultural Institute of Macau (ICM). For many Americans, this is their first visit to HK or Macau and a rare chance to discover the academic resources and the free speech environment that supports the study of China at an international standard.

South China – North America: New Perspectives On Chinese American Transnationalism

Many Chinese in North America have strong roots reaching back to south China. These family, kinship and business relationships may have been dormant for years, yet have re-appeared in the present to create a complex transnational identity across the Pacific. This conference of scholars in June 2010 began in HKU, moved to Jinan University in Guangzhou and ended at Wu Yi University
in Jiangmen, the epicenter of out-migration from China to the US from the 1840s into the late 20th century. A book edited by Fulbrighter Dr. Wing-Kai To will result from the papers and discussion over the week.

Developing Western Art History for Chinese Universities, 2010

The Luce Foundation supported the HKAC and the HKU toorganize a three-week advanced workshop on Western Art and Art History for Chinese scholars. Thirteen academics from the mainland studied with senior scholars from the US both in person and through a series of video-conferences with American universities. We thank the Fine Arts Department and the Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities of the HKU for partnering with us on this project.


Liberal Studies in Chinese Universities: Fulbright Activities at UIC in Zhuhai

The United International College (UIC) in Zhuhai and HKAC/Fulbright hosted a conference in November 2009 for educators from Chinese universities who wish to develop new liberal studies programs for their undergraduates.


Fulbright Retreat at the Kadoorie Institute

The HKAC hosted over 45 American Fulbrighters for a weekend retreat early in their year in HK or Macau at the rural conference center in the New Territories managed by HKU. Dr Edmund Ko of HKUST, our keynote speaker, compared the academic cultures of America and Kong Kong, which led to rich discussions about changing patterns of teaching and learning in the context of 3-3-4 reforms at schools and universities in HK.