The HKAC organizes “moving seminars” in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta for groups of American university students. We show the expertise of our member HK universities in interpreting the dynamic region of south China to American academics and their students. We emphasize experiential learning during a travel circuit that usually includes HK, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, West PRD (Wu-yi), Zhuhai and Macau. 


Shenzhen and China’s Economic Growth Model

The HKAC assisted with the University of Southern California (USC) to organize a two-week urban studies laboratory for their graduate students in planning and public administration. The Shenzhen Party School hosted the USC team of 25 students, who presented the findings of their investigation of economic, infrastructure and environmental issues in this expansive border city with HK.


Chinese Religion and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Viterbo College in Wisconsin sent a delegation of students and professors to study temples and TCM clinics in Hong Kong in May 2011.

Chinese Fine Arts

St. Olaf College in Minnesota sends a group of 30 students each November to the Fine Arts Department of CUHK for a month-long, hands-on study program of  Chinese fine arts and creative industries.

January Programs in HK and the PRD

Each January, the HKAC hosts groups of students on inter-term study programs abroad to HK and the PRD.  In January 2012, we host delegations from the University of Delaware and Calvin College in Michigan.  Research themes include south China history, US-China migration, sustainable economic growth, and entrepreneurship in the HK/south China region.