From our beginning, the HKAC has partnered with the US Consulate to administer the Fulbright program and enrich the experience of the grantees. The Research Grants Council (RGC) of the HK government and the Lee Hysan Foundation also support Fulbright awards and the HKAC role in the program. We assist with recruitment, screening, and selection of HK candidates to visit American universities for research. HKAC also engages with the inbound American scholars and teachers in Hong Kong each year, including orientation, mid-year meetings, and special projects. For example, the HKAC hosted the Fulbright China Research Forum (FCRF) for a dozen years, hosted by HK and Macau universities.

The HKAC played a major role in the Fulbright Hong Kong General Education Project (FHKGEP) from 2006 to 2012. Funded by Mr. Po Chung, with matching funds from the UGC, 25 Fulbright scholars from the US assisted HK universities in developing their four-year undergraduate curriculums. For detailed information about applying for a Fulbright award, please click here.



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