Educational Exchanges

Education exchange is at the heart of all we do. We promote academic mobility for faculty and students between Hong Kong and America. This includes the Fulbright exchange program as well as internships, learning labs and study tours. We design programs for our member universities and clients in HK and the US. To explore our Exchange facebook page, click here.


Fulbright is the flagship of the American fleet of exchange programs worldwide. In HK, the Center works with the US Consulate and the Research Grants Council of the HK government to administer the Fulbright program. We send and receive about a dozen senior scholars and Ph.D. candidates from HK to the US and from the US to HK each year. Please peruse the Fulbright HK website here. Click here to read more. 


Studying abroad is about moving out of the classroom and into societies for more experiential learning of other cultures and economies. Taking an internship in another country is a powerful resume builder, not to mention the confidence you’ll get from navigating a real-life project in your host organization. Go beyond the campus and interact directly with people overseas in the field you aspire to work in. We’ll set you up so you can create your own journey into the profession of your choice. This will set you apart from the competition when you look for a job after university. Click here to read more.


The Center assists faculty-led study abroad programs in many disciplines coming from the US to HK to learn about the city, the South China region, and beyond. How can Hong Kong, Asia’s World City, become your classroom? Likewise, we facilitate study tours of the United States for students from our member universities in HK. Planning a study tour for your students? Maybe we can help. Click here to read more.

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