Advocacy skills are critical to a flourishing career. Joining this simulation of environmental advocacy will give you hands-on experience, working as a team, in arguing a case for closer collaboration across the GBA for better environmental policies and enforcement.

If you care about environmental issues in HK and the GBA,
If you want to sharpen your advocacy and presentation skills,
If you enjoy participating in public policy discussions that matter to our city and region then…

…we encourage you to sign up for this program on Saturday, November 2 in the Moot Court room at the City University in Kowloon Tong. You may sign up as an individual and join an advocacy team, or come as members of a green organization from your campus to advocate for your environmental cause and projects.

Awards will be given to the best performers. All who complete the program will receive a certificate from HKAC and the CityU/Law. Places are limited; first come, first served. There is no cost to students for this program thanks to a grant from the Environment and Conversation Fund (ECF).

Recommended for students of environmental sciences, law, economics and social sciences, public policy, business, and public health. All disciplines are welcome.

What To Do:
After signing up to secure your place in the advocacy exercise, please read the Problem Statement carefully. It identifies four main issues. You can focus on one, or combine them, for your team presentation. What actions should the HK and/or other local governments in the GBA take to protect our environment and mitigate climate change in the region? How should they coordinate their efforts across the borders between cities and counties in the GBA to do this?

You may advocate for proposals across a wide range of environmental protection concerns. They might concern air quality, water quality, greenways, land use and the protection of green and blue space, green building codes and retrofitting strategies, legal consequences to polluters, principles for green urban and regional planning, waste management systems and infrastructure, circular economy solutions, monitoring pollution and carbon emission patterns, reducing single-use plastics, reducing food waste, integrity of the food supply, clean energy from renewable sources, energy transition for transport on land, sea and air, ocean protection, and the like.

We are looking for good green ideas. What had worked? What might work? The adoption and spread of these ideas in the GBA could make a difference, each in its own way. How can we improve our environment in this hyper-urban, highly industrialized region with a fragile ecological system? Bring your ideas, test them out, and refine them in light of feedback from panels of experts.

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