Teaching by Design… Thinking

“Is Design Thinking the New Liberal Arts” is the title of Peter Miller’s article in the Chronical of Higher Education (March 26, 2015), he asks, “What is design thinking? It’s an approach to problem-solving based on a few easy-to-grasp principles that sound obvious: “Show Don’t Tell,” “Focus on Human Values,” “Craft Clarity,” “Embrace Experimentation,” “Mindful of Process,” “Bias Toward Action,” and “Radical Collaboration.” These seven points reduce to five modes — empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test — and three headings: hear, create, deliver.”

The “D-school” at Stanford has championed the design thinking approach to teaching and learning. Inspired by this pedagogy, the Center and its university partners in HK have created a series of workshops for teachers on using the design thinking approach to engage students and enliven learning. Librarians have been actively involved as they rethink their services to students learning by design thinking. We have collaborated with the HKUST, the HKU and the HK International School in highly participatory (and fun!) workshops. It is good to rediscover why we became teachers in the first place. Our next meeting is planned for the library of HKU. Announcements to come.

[1] 2019
[2] 2017