When the HK universities expanded their undergraduate curriculum from three to four years in 2012 onward, many new questions arose about what university students should learn and how teaching can be most effective. Dr. Shive of the HKAC brings a wealth of experience in designing and carrying out simulations for use in academic courses and training settings. The HKAC has offered simulations to its member universities at the course, faculty, or whole campus level. These have included the annual G-20 Summit, the COP meetings of the UN on climate change, moot court exercises, the Six-Party Talks in the North Korea nuclear program, and formulating a common code of conduct for the South China Sea. The HKAC also uses Open Space to organize conversations among many parties about complex problems. We simulate the UN COP meetings each year, and we adopt the moot court process to advocacy exercises that help students present their cases for climate policy in local, regional, and global settings.

In fall 2019, you have the chance to be a part of one of our Climate Change Education Simulations! Join the Youth Climate Summit on October 12, to discuss with like-minded students the issues and opportunities for climate action in Hong Kong, or be a part of the UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 Simulation on November 23.

Both events are free of charge for students, registration is needed, first come first serve.


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