Advocacy is an important skill for most professions.  How can you persuade others of your viewpoints?  How can you speak on other’s behalf when needed?  Of course, advocacy skills are especially valuable for people entering the legal profession.  The moot court is a kind of simulation of a courtroom proceeding.  We adapt it for learning advocacy of environmental protection regimes, especially to articulate what governments should do to conserve and sustain the environment, not just promote economic growth to the exclusion of other values.

This year’s environmental moot court exercise, to be held in City U on Saturday November 2, will focus on the Greater Bay Area, of which HK is a part.  Teams of students will speak before judges, volunteering for this role, to express their views on how the GBA should develop in a sustainable way, building collaboration among the city and county governments in the Pearl River Delta. Join us for the Environmental Moot:  good training, good fun. No cost.  Places are limited.  First come first served. For more information, please click here.
[1] 2018 Moot Court Images