Climate Change Education

Project Title Dates Donor/ Sponsors Venue/ Hosts People Involved
Chinese Urban Initiatives in Climate Change June – July Ford Foundation; Konrad Adenauer Foundation/HK HK, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Guangzhou 33 students and NGO climate activists from USA, China, HK and other Asian places will spend two weeks together in the four cities, culminating with a national conference on housing, climate and urbanization in China
Carbon Consciousness in HK To submit in late May, 2017 for project beginning in spring 2018 Proposal to Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) of HKG Enhance carbon consciousness among youth through developing a new app for social media for measuring carbon and sharing among student peers in HK
Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus November 2017 HK/SZ Woodrow Wilson Center, DC Symposium on climate change by China Environment Forum of the Wilson Center, DC